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AnbudsJournalen is the leading news service within public procurement. The editorial column brings into the public eye current problems and opportunities within the area of procurement. 

It highlights the complications surrounding legislation and praxis, and follows and comments on individual procurements in municipalities, county council and governmental departments.

The debate page is a lively part of the magazine. Purchasers, suppliers, lawyers, EU experts and others with an insight into the weird and wonderful world of procurement all have their say. The contributions sometimes have a controversial opinion of the magazine's editorial views.

Information from the Swedish Competition Authority, a supervising authority since September 1, 2007, is published regularly. Likewise current cases that are commented on by various firms of lawyer.

The magazine is published 20 times a year and costs SEK 1,900 VAT excluded for an annual subscription. The magazine has a circulation of 5,000.

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